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BFD Team Upcoming Conferences and Resources

The Bicycles-For-Development research team has been conducting data analysis based on the initial phases of data collection, including fieldwork within Uganda and India, as well as interviews with BFD executives and staff from around the world. The team continues to make progress with coding, developing interesting and exciting patterns, themes, and insights as we come to completion of initial data analysis and move into writing.

We are happy to announce that the BFD team will be presenting at three conferences this upcoming spring and summer!

Devra Waldman will be presenting her fieldwork in India at the Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise Conference in Vancouver, BC in June.

  • Presentation title: Bicycles for Development and India: Girls’ and Young Women’s Perceptions of and Experiences with Donated Bicycles

Madison Ardizzi will be presenting a manuscript based on the ‘globalization’ of the BFD movement, particularly in relation to a BFD map the team created, at the International Sociological Association Congress in Toronto, ON in July. This presentation will also include elements from Madison’s fieldwork in Uganda.

  • Presentation title: The Globalization of ‘Bicycles for Development’: Examining a Sport for Development ‘Movement’

Mitch McSweeney will be presenting at the European College of Sport Science Congress in Dublin, Ireland in July on the overall BFD project and it’s progress and next phases.

  • Presentation title: Shifting Gears: Exploring the ‘Bicycles for Development’ Movement

We invite anyone who is interested to attend and hope to see you there! There will also be more information on the presentations closer to the dates of the conferences.

BFD News & Sites

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